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Do you want to connect to new people and open new chapters of your life? Then chat alternative is your way to go.

Among the numerous online dating services and apps, Chatib has something unique to offer to its users. People using Chatib can chat with people from around the world on a chat-based platform. Not only this, there are no limitations on who can communicate with whom; you are free to get in touch with whomsoever you like or match with. You can chat with your favorite person anytime and anywhere, no matter the conditions. You can have chitchat if you are seeking something informal or a friend. You can also look for a soul mate, a companion, or even someone else to talk to as time pass.

Let’s get started with the app to know more about it, as you can have a lot of fun on this site, depending on your mood.

Chatib Features

Quick Matches

We have millions of users, and at any given moment there are thousands online. You will match up with someone the minute you activate your camera. That is the insanely fun part of Chatib.

Keep Swiping

We will never run out of matches to show you. if you are done with the one chat, move on to the next one in just a click. Tap the next arrow and instantly get connected.

Meet New Friends

Turn your random matches into lifelong friends or maybe even more. Enjoy your online friends via chat, or via a random video chat. Isn't that amazing?

High Quality Video

We have integrated the very best video streaming software that we could possibly find. Our random video chat software will match you with anyone in seconds.

User Instructions for Chatib

This website is purely made for people who want to connect or perhaps want to make new friends. On the website, there are excellent choices available for the users. You can browse your chat history and share your pictures, links, and documents without any fear of getting your things leaked on the internet. However, certain features but not all of them are available to premium clients. This does not imply that people using them for free are behind; they can also get the full benefit from the website for free.

If you are not sure about the person or if they look spooky, you can easily block or ignore their profiles without getting connected to them. These functions are pretty fascinating and helpful. Also, the chat system itself is relatively robust, making it intuitive and straightforward to use.

But before getting started with the website, here are some safety tips you must follow to save yourself from fraud.

Use a Special Image

You should resist using the same photo on your Chatib as on your other social networking profiles. Because if you do, it will become relatively more accessible for people to utilize Google’s reverse image to search for you in person, which might become a problem for you in the future. As a result, it is advised not to use the same picture on Chatib; instead, take a new photo with a decent smile to attract different people.

Remain Within the App

Chatting with other people inside the app when you are talking to your potential date or even after a few dates is advisable. Despite the inconvenience, you won’t have to worry if the relationship doe not work out because the other person won’t have your cell phone number or social media accounts.

Additionally, keeping inside the app adds another level of security to your safety. Some messaging platforms for dating apps forbid sending photographs or links, but that’s not the case with Chatib, so you must be aware of what you are sharing to protect yourself from any potential dangers.

Exclude Personal Information

You should never use your personal information and try to omit your nickname, last name, social network handles, and contact information on your profile. The amount of personal data should be kept to a minimum. After all, you don’t want someone you might not trust to know too much about you if you ever meet them.

Also, to add another layer of security, you might even wish to increase the security of your social network accounts. For instance, you should change the privacy settings on Facebook so that only your friends and not friends of friends can see what you are posting on your account.

Pros of Chatib

  • People have access to a far wide range of potential companions than they frequently could get in their regular lives. This is especially true for those searching for companions who fit a specific profile in terms of orientation, type, location, or lifestyle.
  • It is way too good for shy people
  • It can convey who you are through photographs, video chats
  • The profiles give you time to consider what you want to explain everything in a single meeting

Cons of Chatib

  • Profiles don’t always tell the whole story
  • It is nearly impossible to evaluate traits like empathy, chemistry, and compassion from a profile
  • Testing might not be correct for everyone, and matching is a challenging process
  • A person might look different in person or evolve over time

Tips for Using Chatib

  • Having good lighting is essential. Both of you want to be seen clearly by the people around you
  • Show your face by positioning your webcam so that your partner can view your entire face
  • Be friendly to the people you chat with as this establishes a positive first impression and earns you some extra brownie points
  • You have to remain patient throughout the process. There are chances you will encounter strangers, so it’s a good idea to engage them in conversation and keep identifying points of common interest
  • Last but not least, if some people act unacceptably, you can report them easily

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5-Star Rated Chatib

“Chatib” allows you to video call with a random stranger to start a random video chat. You can do so via a computer or by downloading the app on a mobile phone (Android supported only). On Chatib, you can choose to video chat with people from all over the world, or from one specific country. Perhaps your home country! Your next partner or BFF might just be around the corner on Chatib!

Chatib is totally free to use. You do not need to pay to random video chat with strangers. Yep, we don’t charge you at all. Get complete access to the always interesting, and totally fun random video chat dating site, or the app!

Frequently Asked Questions

Chatib FAQs

You only need to upload a few pictures. Men should stay careful when using dog pictures, though, as some users have been accused of ‘dog fishing’ posing with furry friends to attract more people. However, private details can be as minimal as you like.

You are most likely to find everyone and anyone in your neighborhood, including your old friend from elemanetary school you have not heard from in 15 years, possibly your ex, or who knows, even your employer. On the website, anyone can initiate a discussion about anything.

You should wait for one or two weeks before meeting someone. It is the ideal amount of time since it allows you enough time to get to know someone without causing you to overthink things or for the spark to fade.

Swapping between users is the easiest thing ever! Simply press on the “Next” button, which is located under your own webcam and you will instantly be brought to someone else’s webcam. Keep pressing the “Next” button to go from cam to cam.

Absolutely! There is a “Stop” button located right under your webcam screen – press it at any time to immediately stop viewing webcams. You can resume viewing webcams at any time by pressing on the “Start” button.

DISCLAIMER: All guidance, whether in the form of Guidelines or Frequently Asked Questions, is meant to supplement or explain provisions in the Terms of Use. Nothing contained in this guidance should be construed to limit our Terms, in the event of any conflict between this guidance, and our Terms, the Terms control, nothing contained herein is presented as an exhaustive list of prohibited behaviors.

Chatib User Testimonials

Lockdown had me really depressed, but then I came across this super fun way to meet people from any country. It's been so much fun video chatting with randoms.
Alexis Porter
I do really enjoy the mechanic where you can just move on to the next person if the person you are video calling with is really boring, it's a lot of fun chatting on this website!
Felicia Swampa
I can't believe how many hours I've spent on random video chat websites and camming with random strangers during this pandemic. It's been fun meeting strangers.
Jenny Chu

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